About Yoga therapy
(Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy)

The program is designed to be a gentle yet powerful and effective way to relax. It will develop your self-awareness to become mobile, flexible, stable and strong. Through this program, you will understand that pain, tightness, sickness and chronic fatigue are indications that we are off track of our purpose and healing is the return to that purpose. There is nothing more to be than what you are right now. In addition to yoga therapy, you will also receive a free Furoshiki (a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) and instructions on how to use Furoshiki to wrap.


About J-Wrap   

We would love to share our newest innovation in clothing - “J-Wrap”. J-Wrap is a Japanese wrapping cloth that has been used for generations for wrapping almost anything that can be carried. In Japan it is called Furoshiki. These cloths have artistic illustrations on them that represent the beauty of the four seasons.  Many of these modern J-Wrap patterns vary —they are perfect for those who have a passion for art. Learn the smart, ecological way of elegantly wrapping gifts with J-Warp. This workshop will demonstrate and teach you how to create a wrap for carrying your yoga mats with a simple, yet exquisite, authentic technique of Furoshiki.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 14TH    9:30AM-12:30PM or 1:30PM-4:30PM
 @LANDMARK East Tour       5415 Landmark Pl, Greenwood Village CO 80111

Includes Japanese tea, Snacks, Furoshiki to wrap your yoga mat