Spinal Straps used for Therapeutic Yoga


Shigeko Yoga Spinal Straps

Used in therapeutic yoga to aid with releasing the thoracic spine, specifically the area between the shoulder blades. Releasing of this area can help your back, neck, shoulders, and the arms function better. The strap can be folded in different ways.

Dimensions are 2.75" wide x 42" long x 1" thick

These straps can be purchased here for $25 each + $10 shipping, 2 for $48 + $10 Shipping, 4 for $90 + $10 Shipping

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Mantra for Meditation

The below sound file can be using for a chanting meditation. It is the Apadamapa Mantra (healing mantra) Feel free to use it as much as you want. It is 24 chants.  If you really like it, you can even donate using the donate button below.